Vision Safety India, Tropical Spice Farm, Goa Dairy & Meat Complex

 A Field trip was organised for the  First Year DHMCT Students  on 23rd February 2018. a Total of 48 students out of 63 were present for the Field Trip. The students were accompanied by Maureen Fernandes and Warren Cairo(Class Counsellors) , Merlyn Braganza and Mohan Ankolekar.


The students along with the Faculty visited the following places.


  1. Vision Safety India, Verna

Mr. Baylon Sequeira Vaz explained the latest equipments used in different places during fire emergencies. He also gave a brief demonstration with fire extinguisher.


  1. Tropical Spice Plantation , Ponda

The students were taken on a tour of the spice plantation. The students got to see the different trees of the spices and herbs which are used during their practicals.

  1.  Goa Dairy , Ponda

A tour oranised of the full factory for the students. They explained from the pickup unit, the pasteurization process, packaging and the dispatch process.


  1. Goa Meat Complex, Usgao

The students were explained in detail the full process that takes place at the Meat Complex. The area the cattle are kept, the slaughtering of animals, the different organs sold and the dispatch of the meat to the different units.


The field trip was a good learning experience for the students.


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